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Argentina Finest Meat

Pampa Beef™ is a leading company in the Argentine meat-processing industry. The natural ground conditions, the modern infraestructure and add-value services makes Pampa Beef™ a remarkable supplier of meat products for the international market.

Pampa Beef

Our commitment:
To satisfy our client's needs

The Company is constantly looking for investment opportunities to update and improve its industrial performance. Modern equipment and procedures allow for continuous monitoring of the production process and distribution of finished products.

The quality of Pampa Beef's products is guaranteed by selecting from the best Argentine British breeds.

Pampa Beef™ ensures that all livestock processed at its plant comes from farms producing with the highest standards.

The company's vision is driven by the production of consistent quality beef, producing a reliable and traceable product.

Pampa Beef
Pampa Beef

Experience quality

Pampa Beef produces the finest quality beef sustainably raised in the pristine natural environment of the "Pampa Humeda", in Argentina (South America)

Located in a country with mild climate, extensive fields and abundant rainfall, it provides a perfect place in which to rear high quality livestock.

Halal Certification.
Seal of guarantee of product and controlled company.


Our delicious product

At Pampa Beef we source the highest quality meat products from trusted suppliers at competitive prices, and then deliver direct to worldwide households, at your convenience.

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Sales & Marketing

Pampa Beef works with our customers to understand their individual business requirements and has accredited processing facility currently exporting beef products worldwide.

To facilitate trading into global markets, Pampa Beef holds a number of internationally recognised accreditations including:
USDA Approved / Halal Approved / Chinese Approved / Russian Approved / Malaysian Approved