Pampa Beef
Pampa Beef

Touch of meat master

Pampa Beef™ is a leading company in the Argentine meat-processing industry. The natural ground conditions, the modern infraestructure and add-value services makes Pampa Beef™ a remarkable supplier of meat products for the international market.

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Pampa Beef

High quality, great taste

Producing quality foods gives our clients the tranquility of heading to the table for a delicious and healthy meal for families. In the modern production lines, the best and most effective way to achieve the mentioned goal is to work under the concept of Quality Assurance.

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Our Products

At Pampa Beef™ we produce our products in accordance with the requirements of the export markets we supply too as well as the specifications stated by our clients. The versatility in our modern production line allows us to satisfy demanding protocols.

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    Cube Roll Cup

    Tapa de Bife - 眼肉盖
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    Lomo c/c - 牛柳
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    Thin Skirt

    Entraña - 薄裙肉
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    Asado - 牛腹肉
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    Bife Angosto - 西冷
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    Cube Roll

    Bife Ancho - 眼肉
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    Bola de Lomo - 牛霖
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    Brazuelo - 牛前腱
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    Carnaza Cuadrada - 牛大黄瓜条
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    Carnaza de Paleta - 肩胛肉
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    Cuadril con Colita - 牛臀肉
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    Chuck Tender

    Chingolo - 辣椒条
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    Garron - 牛后腱
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    Oyster Blade

    Marucha - 板腱
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    Nalga de Adentro - 带盖砧扒
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    Peceto - 小黄瓜条
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    Heel Muscle with Golden Coin

    Tortuguita con Bananita - 龟腱带金钱腱
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    Aguja - 牛上脑
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    Cap of Topside

    Tapa de Nalga - 砧扒盖
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    Pecho - 胸肉
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    Cogote - 牛脖(包括牛前肉
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    Chuck Cover

    Tapa de Aguja - 上脑盖
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    Rib Fingers

    Entrecostillas - 肋条肉
Pampa Veef

Building value
for our customers

With sustained and guaranteed safety of our products, Pampa Beef™ have authorization and sanitary status to export to commercial destinations worldwide.

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No. 588 Huaihai Zhong Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai


Av. Carlos Gomes 222 8º fl., Boa Vista,
Porto Alegre

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